Preventing Crime & Reclaiming Spaces

Clyde Road and the surrounding areas have been plagued by persistent crime as are many inner London areas, part of Peabody’s strategy when improving the estate was to address some of the crime and anti-social behaviour that occurs in the area; So the newly greened off areas were designed with this in mind, this is why we need your involvement in maintaining these areas and reclaiming these spaces and your estate.

Part of this involves working with other agencies such as the local council at Haringey and the local  Safer Neighbourhood Team and Police

Haringey – Tottenham Green Team, St Ann’s Police Station, 289 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, London, N15 5RD

Tel: 0208 721 2702

Tel: 07766 206 234

They can also be accessed on the internet via the following website link:

Remember if it is not an emergency or urgent you can also call 101 or 0300 123 1212 – All Calls are treated as confidential.

If you are aware of any incidents of anti social behaviour  or criminal activity of any sort occurring on the estate, please report it   to Peabody in the first instance  via telephone or email us through our website alternatively you can contact me directly about this  via email to     Tel: 0207 021 4444 or Free phone  0800 022 40 40

Peabody has clear guidelines for dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour your identity will not be disclosed and all information given will be treated confidentially.


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